This Feeds My Soul, That's Why.


It’s important for you to know me. For you to hear my voice when I say this. It’s why I talk about it a lot. Why I choose to practice this perception in all things that I do. But since this is the internet, the best I can do is try to scribble down some copy that might sound a little like me, in hopes that you hear the sincerity and soft strength in my voice when I tell you:

I was meant to help empower women.

I wish I could explain the way my soul ignites when I think about the work I do. It’s like a warm fire in the pit of my stomach, crawling and reaching up to my heart, and around my lungs until I feel completely consumed with love. You wanna know why? Because this shit matters. It matters a lot.

Why? Because I know what it feels like to be beaten down. To have to rise up. To lose or never find who you are as a woman. To be told I’m not good enough, or too much, or too small, or flawed. I’ve felt hopelessness and found strength, renewed. I’ve see what feeling beautiful can do, and I want you to have it. I’ve found a way to do that, you guys.

I’ve had women walk through my doors shaking in fear, sure they’d made the worst mistake of their lives. I’ve watched women strip down and simultaneously remove the weight of their own self loathing. I’ve watched absolute transformation occur. I’ve watched a spark of remembrance ignite. I’ve seen change.

This experience may be an exciting adventure. (It totally is. Trust, girl.) It will be fun, and filled with laughter and joy. It will be WAY easier than you could possibly image and YES you will look like the women in the photographs. But girl, you have the ability to feel so beautiful for a day, you get to feel strong, and sexy and empowered, those feelings are why we’re here, girl! If all of that wasn’t enough, you get a tangible reminder of those amazing feelings every time you see those photos (which is why I totally recommend getting a piece of wall art for yourself.

Do you have any idea how MAGICAL it is for me to get to be a part of that? Girl, I love my job! This is why I fought so hard to do what I do. This is why this means so much to me!! I literally live a beautiful, happy, joyful existence because I get to do this thang with you, pretty!

Have I convinced you yet? Sometimes you have to make the leap on hope, alone. C’mon, babe.