Calling All Superheroes:

Girl, we mean you!


Gorgeous, I’m looking for some ladies. Namely, every day, ordinary babes that want to feel empowered, gain or regain confidence, that would love an opportunity to see themselves in a new perspective! Sound like you?

We are looking for three incredible women to offer complimentary boudoir experiences to. Women that have a gorgeous story to tell, could use the boost in self esteem that can come from doing these incredibly profound, often perspective shifting photography sessions! We are looking to say thank you, and treat these lucky ladies to the joy that comes with feeling absolutely beautiful, and receiving proof of that truth.

The lucky winners will receive one of three boudoir experiences, valued at $1000, $1500 and $2000


Hi. That’s me! Andi.

Sometimes, I get asked why I have chosen to work in this particular genre of photography, and the answer looks something like this:

I have been broken and have had to pick up all of my pieces one by one and decide who I am and who I want be once the dust settles. I know what it’s like to feel like it is all too much; to not know who you are—hell, I’d never figured it out to begin with. I know those feelings, and they resonate with me.

I’ve walked into womanhood, motherhood, and all the other hoods with that brokenness, and I’ve experienced the release of living well and letting go.

Boudoir seems to take women through a transformation similar to what years of therapy did for me. That is obviously anecdotal evidence, but I’ve watched the most beautiful things happen to not believe it. It can be the ignition source for a paradigm shift.

And you know what? I’m about that.

It’s incredibly rewarding to be a something of a Sherpa, helping navigate clients through a mindset they didn’t know they could achieve. I receive so much joy and empowerment for myself in it, doing this is literally good for both of our souls. Dope, right?

Come visit the studio!

We can’t wait to host you boudoir experience in our gorgeous studio, in charming Old Folsom, at the Sutter Street Studios! Folsom is 30 minutes East from Downtown Sacramento.

We can’t to walk through this adventure with you!!