The time has come. Ladies, I can't express how excited I am to finally get back to this incredible work with you. We can make MAGIC together.

Take a second to read a quick letter I wrote you...


You incredible women have been so patient waiting for me! Thank you for considering me to take these portraits of you! These sessions are quite literally an experience that every woman should treat herself to at some time in her life. It's an adventure, scary and nerve wracking at first, then suddenly joyful, laughter-filled fun and somehow twists it's way through the perceptions of self. Girl, you are beautiful. Let me show you.

I've had a few people talk to me about the differences between boudoir photographers. Our industry is vast and wide, and we have many different personalities. I've heard situations that don't make sense to me, and you guys, I've realized that the photographer makes a huge difference in these sessions.

I'd like to think I'm constantly striving toward advancement of my art, my craft. I have seen countless photographers get complacent with their work being 'good enough,' that doesn't exist for me. I will always keep reaching to make more beautiful art with you.

The details in your session are insanely important to me.

I'm INCREDIBLY picky about my hair and make up artists.

I put thought and planning into every single session I shoot; completely customized to YOU.

How you FEEL the day of your session matters to me so much— more than you could possibly know—because my camera makes magic when YOU FEEL beautiful, because you get to see what your beautiful looks like.

This shit MATTERS to me.

It is my mission to accompany you on this dope ride in the realest way that I can possibly muster.

So, why do I toot my horn? Because, I’m Legit hypeD over the idea of spending my days walking women through this adventure. THE REFERRAL DEAL WHILE BOOKING IS RIDICULOUS, THE DISCOUNTS YOU GET ON PRODUCTS IF YOU PRE-PURCHASE ARE INSANE. THE TIME TO DO THIS FOR YOURSELF WITH ME IS NOW!

VERY limited dates available. book now.

Pre-Session payment plans are available, and we also finance through PayPal Credit and Square Installments and take all major credit cards!

Are you as excited as I am? I'm ready. Are you?