Hey girl, you made it!


 Welcome to the ANDI boudoir sexy little planning guide! I am SO excited you wanted to learn more about how we roll, what to expect, and begin planning the boudoir session of your flippin' dreams! First thing you need to know: We have FUN.

Second thing you need to know, is that while you may be contemplating this as a gift for a loved one, this is JUST as much, if not more a gift for YOU. And you totally deserve it.

Please take the time to travel through this whole guide, as it will prepare you for the possibility of a session, as well as ensure you've spent time thinking about what you want this to be, before you and I meet up for your pre-session consultation. You're going to die when you see how fun this experience is, girl!



 Money Matters!

The ANDI Boudoir experience is broken down monetarily in two parts: namely, The Session Fee & The Product Order. The session fee covers your incredible Hair & Make Up Artist and the appointments we have together throughout the process to create your incredible art!

The Product Order consists of the artwork and images you choose. You will choose from a spread of images, typically between 60-90, to create art products that are completely tailored to you. Because the products each woman chooses are completely individualized, product order costs also depend entirely on each woman and what she needs! Product pricing begins at $1200 and Packages begin at $1495.

**This is an important part!** The entire product package is due in full when you see your incredible photos! We have pre-session payment plans available, with information about how they (and the huge perks!) work!!**

Session Fee: $450

Your session is due in full upon booking, phone appointments are available to answer any further questions before booking! Session planning consultations are completed upon booking.

Session Fee includes: Hair & Make Up, Consultation Appointment, One Hour Session, Two Outfit Changes & a Sheet Setup, as well as your Viewing & Ordering Appointment!

**Prints, Images, Products & Artwork are Separate**



What’s Your Style?

We KNOW this is personal. That's why we work hard to make sure that you know, and we know exactly what you're looking for in your photos! Take a look through the different types of styles you may want to consider for your session!



The 'Classic & Lovely' style is for our ladies that want to feel their beauty, but prefer to keep a more modest approach. This may mean that we shoot your session wearing less revealing clothing or lingerie and focus on poses that will highlight all of your magnificent features, your smile, your eyes and less on your wonderful lady lumps and bumps. It is innocent, classy and gorgeous!



This style takes things up a notch--but let's not get crazy. It is the equivalent of the playful girl next door. We will push the envelope a bit with sexier lingerie, but still keep things on a more mild level with playful and sweet expressions, while still getting shots of your gorgeous body.




This style allows for more provocation. We want to heat things up, we'll want you to bring your sexiest pieces of lingerie, and we'll do a mix of the sweet, playful expressions and digging into your inner goddess for seductive looks, glances, and pushing the feelings of empowered sexiness. You will be asked to put your hands on your body to grab, pull, push and create images sure to make jaws drop!



This style is going to push you! The session will involve less time spent looking into the camera with sweet expressions, and more time unleashing your inner seductress. We will push boundaries (while remaining respectful) by offering an almost voyeuristic approach to the sexiness within. Your shots will focus with you looking at your own body, touching yourself, erotic expressions and aiming for a VERY sexy end result.


If you KNOW you want to achieve a sexy look, but are nervous to say so, please let us know if we should push you. Because comfort is so important, unless you say push, I absolutely will NOT--we'll stick to what feels right.


DSC_7320 (1).jpg

 On top of the style of shoot you want to have, you also get to pick the level of comfort you feel with nudity. Your comfort is of the UPMOST importance to us. We want to make sure we know exactly what you're ready for!


A Little Skin

"A little skin" often runs hand in hand with our Classic and Lovely style. We'll keep things covered & modest! You may or may not want to skip our white sheet set with this comfort level! This could mean staying clothed in something that makes you feel beautiful, a slip dress, or a more covering piece of lingerie.

Partial Skin

This says exactly what we mean! With this, we're showing a bit more skin, this may mean covering your breasts with your hands, sexy lingerie, and remaining mostly covered during a white sheet set.

The Illusion of Nudity

In this set, perception is everything. We will of course have the sexy lingerie, but can push boundaries by using clever angles and posing to make your body appear as if you are removing panties, without clothes entirely, etc., while you actually remain quite covered shooting these sets.

Tastefully Topless

This comfort level is often paired with the illusion of nudity, but rather than sticking with things perceived as nudity, we also allow for topless shots that actually display your breasts.

Fine Art Nude

This is what it is! We always aim for classic and beautiful and we're big believers in the nude portrait. Why? Because when there is nothing but yourself looking back at you, and you still feel beautiful, that's you seeing you. Not a great outfit. Not pushed up breasts, just you--and darling, you are miraculous!



 What Should I Wear?


This is probably my most frequently asked question: What do I bring? The most important thing I can tell you is that if you FEEL beautiful in it, you will convey that beauty to the camera. Lots of our ladies also decide to buy a little something special for their session, and want to know, what is the most flattering lingerie for my body? We also keep some pieces available for our clients use, so don't worry! We got your back!


Let's Shop!

I literally have never seen a woman NOT look amazing in black. So first and foremost, know that black is everyone's best friend. It is slimming, sexy, provocative and gorgeous! If you are concerned about what color to buy, go with what feels AMAZING first, but if you're ever in doubt: go black!

The Little Black Something

That Bodysuit, Though

I have never met a body suit I didn't love. They seem simple or casual, but pair a body suit with leggings, tights, heels, or a good ol' arched back, and VA VA VOOM. Uhhhhmazing! Body suits can be found in so many different styles! Whether it's lacy lingerie, or something in cotton or wool that you picked up from a trendy store (totally not intended to be worn without jeans), it's still going to look HOT.

Curves in All the Right Places

Lots of ladies express to me that they are concerned about their size, or that their problem areas are their tummies. First off, please know that extra ell bees does not mean that you are not 100% capable of SLAYING. Our bodies are our gifts, whether they be a size 2 or a size 20. If you want to shop for something that you know you'll look lovely in, I would suggest high waisted err'thang, bodysuits (can't go wrong! I'm telling' ya!) and other shape wear. This will allow you to tuck and pinch into a gorgeous hourglass shape while still allowing for booty SHAZAAM. I do NOT recommend baby doll type outfits or corsets, trust me with those curves, boo!

Cut Those Panties

No. Don't really cut them. BUT, let's talk bout the cut of the panties you choose to wear. When it comes to what is most flattering for booties, I will always tell you less skin is MORE. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but it's totally the case. I always prefer panties that have booty coverage (maybe not FULL booty coverage--but those French cuts SLAY me!) over those with less. That said, thongs can be TOTALLY sexy (especially under sheer nylons), but I would definitely stay away from G-strings, which don't allow for much shape and leave a little too little to the imagination!

Baby Doll

Did I mention I don't love baby dolls? lol While I LOVE baby doll dress lingerie for practical purposes, they doesn't always photograph well! This is mostly because I'll contort you in some crazy shapes and positions and the baby doll lingerie hangs, making your body appear differently than it actually is. If you have something you love, don't panic! Bring it! We'll just have to pose you to ensure that the garment looks as beautifully as you feel wearing it!

Bring a Piece of You

We'll discuss how we're going to tie YOU into this session--so don't worry if you don't know how to translate this into what you’re wearing! We'll chat it out! But I want you to think about what parts of you are authentically just... you that we should ensure to depict. A hobby, a love, a passion.

Accessories & Non-Lingerie

Yes! Bring accessories if you feel good in them! Jewelry, body chains, leg warmers, knee high socks, garter belts, thigh-highs and other tights and nylons, fishnets and more all play a role in these set ups and can add to the ultimate sex appeal!

If you're not feeling lingerie, but are unsure what to wear consider some of these options in addition to or instead of lingerie: A Dress Shirt (yours! not his! something fitted photographs better), Crop Top and high waisted panties, knee-high socks, your favorite pair of sneakers. Let's go!

Still Unsure?

Feel free to bring whatever you'd like, and we'll work it out with ya! Or, better yet, set up a pre-payment plan and score a free lingerie fitting appointment included in your!




You will receive emails leading up to your session reminding you of it's upcoming arrival, as well as giving you tips to prepare for your session! Want a sneak peak into how our babes look so flawless?

7-10 Days before your session
(or now, to glow like a queen!)

  • Increase you water intake! Try to drink extra water all the way leading up to your shoot, it is AMAZING for your skin and will allow you to shine bright like a diamond! :)

  • Lower your salt intake & avoid alcohol if you're concerned about water weight!

  • Stay out of the sun, or wear lots of sunscreen (Please DO NOT spray tan! It does not translate well on camera!)

  • Make sure your eyebrows are groomed.

  • Keep drinking plenty of water, this does amazing things to your skin!

  • Begin to use lotion regularly or more frequently!




Location is flexible! I have a few different options you will have to choose from dependent on time of year and your comfort level! This will 100% be discussed, and I can attempt to scout locations if you have something in mind, so start tinkering with the idea! If you decide to utilize an airbnb or hotel room, I'll even throw in the night's stay before/after the session. We're bougie, queens!

Pre-Session Process

Once you have booked a session with ANDI Boudoir, we will spend 60-90 minutes in a consultation setting, either with coffee or over the phone. We will discuss all things about your session, including your preferences from this guide! We'll lay it all out so you know exactly what to expect. After meeting and in the days leading up to your session, you will receive a series of emails from us that will entail reminders to drink water, the prep we need you to complete to have an exceptional session, and a reminder or 3. :-) We're here to walk you through every step of the process, and if you ever have any questions, we'd love to hear from you!

Session Day Expectations

Our session appointments are ALL about YOU! You are my team's sole focus, and my-oh-my is it a day of pampering! We begin the session with 90 minutes in hair and make up while you sip your nerves away with a little champagne (only if that's good! please let me know if I should offer something else, instead!), while you prep, we chat, hang out, laugh and overall get to know one another and clarify expectations. These shoots can happen virtually anywhere, and if we're on location, we may start at my home for hair and make up then travel, or if we're in your house, we bring the party to you! After hair and make up is complete, we spend the next 1-2 hours shooting your boudoir photos. We nearly always wrap up the day with a hug or high five and I get to work on the completion of your beautiful artwork!

Once that fun has happened, we set an appointment for you to come back and see all your amazing photos! We'll discuss the incredible custom pieces we have available, drool over your babely booty and completely customize everything you'll need to have EVERY possible gift you could want for your partner and/or yourself!

How Long Before I get The Goods?

Clients can expect the fruition of their artwork roughly 3-6 weeks after their product order date, depending on the type and quantity of artwork that is chosen!



A Little More about Andi

Hi. I'm Andrea--the artist behind ANDI. If you've read my bio on my website, we've gotten through pleasantries, and this is my opportunity to get to the MEAT AND POTATOES of why working with me and my team is an investment in YOU.

I spent my late teens working in the modeling industry, and let me tell you--photographers in fashion DO NOT pose models. I mean, I guess they kind of do sometimes (lol), but for the most part, that is your job, and you have to know your job. This taught me Boudoir 101. I can pose a woman like a motha--I literally will pose you from your toes to your fingertips, and will sometimes even control your breathing. I do this, because I KNOW what will flatter your body. I KNOW what will help you achieve the expressions you'd like to relay. I guide you like this, because we as women have to know too much, already. I take the guess work out of that mess.

Furthermore, I'm kind of an expert in photoshop--you don't even wanna know the crazy stuff I can do. Does this mean that I'm going to take the opportunity to make you 50 pounds lighter than you are? Hell no. This is all about body positivity and loving you AS YOU ARE. BUT, it means that I will give you magazine quality images. So, ever wondered what you'd look like if you had access to the retouchers the magazines use? I'm pretty freaking close.

Most importantly: I am a CHAMPION of women. I believe the most important things we can do for ourselves is to COMPLETELY embrace who we are. This includes being too thin, too chubby, too old, whatever... It's all a load of garbage because we are incredible on the inside and that radiates on outward. Let me show you YOUR beautiful!

I don’t think I can do this.

I often hear from ladies how nervous they are to try something like this. A million doubts run through their head: I'm too fat, if I lose 20 pounds maybe I can do this. I'm too old, I should have celebrated myself earlier in my life. It's too expensive, I'll never be able to afford it.

These are all lies!! NOW is exactly the time you should consider these photos. Sometimes, as women, we get so wrapped up in our roles we forget that we are first and foremost WOMEN, and my ladies, that is something that should be celebrated! As for the money, babe, I KNOW this is an investment, and may take some time or planning, but please don’t let your head tell you that you don’t deserve to spend the money—because that’s NOT true. These photos are an opportunity to say to yourself: 'Hey, self! You know what? I love you (or maybe I think I love you), so I'm going to take a moment to cherish you, to do something SCARY and empower myself at the same time." To say to your doubts: "NO. You will not win today!"

Let me SHOW you why these sessions are for everyone. Let me work with you to understand the power, beauty, light and incredible worthiness you possess. We can do it together! Come on an adventure with me, sweet darling.

Let’s Talk Money, Honey…


This is an investment, let us help you make the most of it

Payment Plan Options

We know know that some clients would prefer to have their session cost spread out over time, and we want to make that option as sweet as possible! At the end of your session, we will set the date & time for your reveal and ordering appointment, your product payment is due in full at this appointment. We know this might be a lot to take-on in one bite with products starting at $1200, so we wanted to offer our ladies the opportunity to spread out their payment over time.

Because we often book several months in advance, our clients love our pre-session payment plans; you’ll enjoy the benefit of spreading your costs out over time and choose some dope extras in the process! Pre-purchase is not required, however, if you’d like to take advantage of our pre-session payment plan and the perks that come with it, you must satisfy your ledger TWO weeks prior to your session date! If this deal wasn’t sweet enough, we have special packages of our clients favorite products available only during the pre-session time frame, if you opt to pay in full at your session date, you can still purchase from our a la carte menu.

We do not offer post-session payment plans.

If you would prefer a payment plan after your session, we recommend applying for PayPal Credit to take care of your needs. They offer flexible payment plans, and often 0% financing for a period of time. You receive approval and your designated credit limit almost immediately after applying; it is best to know your credit limit prior to your reveal and ordering appointment.

Now that we’ve gotten through the nitty gritty, let’s talk about the goodies you tap into by pre-paying for your products!


The Sexy Stuff

Here are the extras you can add-on to your session by pre-paying for your products! Which goodies are you going to choose?

Pre-payment Package 3: Select Three

Pre-payment Package 2: Select Two

Pre-payment Package 3: Select One

Curious about what the packages look like? No worries!! Feel free to setup a phone call to go over what’s included and package pricing! Once booked in, you’ll receive a full copy of our pricing guide and pre-payment package options!

Lingerie fitting during Pre-Session Consult (+30min)
Custom Mobile App of your purchased images ($450 value)
1 Additional Outfit/Sheets Session Add-On (+30min)
Professional Headshots (3 fully retouched digital images)
Crystal Album Cover Upgrade ($450 value)
Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Day Spa, perfect to schedule for after your session ($105 value)

*May not choose multiples of the same bonus*

Want In?

After booking with us, you’ll receive an email discussing our pre-session payment plans and will receive an opportunity to get in on this action, so keep an eye on your email once you committed to going on an adventure with us!


 So tell me, are you ready?

I’m ready to do brave things

I need a bit more info, first

Babe! You’re ready to do this and I can’t be more thrilled!! Let’s get on with our bad selves and take the next step in the process!

Click the below button to be taken to my session scheduling calendar, and begin the booking process. Let’s do this, babe!

It’s incredibly important you know what you’re doing and have all your questions answered! So write those questions down, and let’s get on the phone to chat!

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