The Pretties


A lot of clients ask me, when looking over our pre-session payment plans, what the products look like. I believe it’s equally as important for you to know why I chose to sell these items and the quality of them. So take a peak! These are incredible goods we offer!


Why don’t we go ahead and start with the crème de la crème, the product that EVERY woman that walks through my door pines after, and almost every single one does. These are our albums, ladies, and we only choose the best. These gorgeous sets scream luxurious.


Ok, so what’s the scoop on these gorgeous books? They are completely customized by you, including options like:

  • Number of Pages/Number of Images

  • Cover Materials (15 options available)

  • ICE Cover/Material Cover

  • Size (12x8 or 14x10)

Along with these incredible customizable options (don’t worry! I’ll help, girl!), these gorgeous albums come with a matching box and an extra product, included as a standard. The pages are thick, the images are stunning, the whole piece together is customized to your perfected ideal. They are absolutely dripping with class and luxury and I cannot wait to see the gorgeous art we make together between their pages!

We additionally offer a 8x5 mini album to add-on to your package, in case you want to give one to your significant other, and hang on to a copy for a little pick me up at your choosing!

Image Boxes


Our image boxes include loose prints of your favorite images. These are not your run-of-the-mill prints you’ll receive taking your film into your local drug store. These are the most beautiful prints you’ll see. Our 12x8 prints in a 14x11 mats are available on our a la carte menu, and are beautifully versatile, perfect for storing in their box, or framed. Our 7x5 mounted (thick) prints and glass box are only available in our Silver Package. While we don’t sell a lot of these particular products, we love getting to see them in print when they’re ordered!!!

Wall Art


I cannot say enough amazing things about the wall art we offer for you babes. It’s unlike most things you’ve seen up on walls and its intended to be show stopping. I highly encourage EVERY woman I work with to purchase an image for their wall, because it’s amazing to see a daily reminder of how incredible you are and felt during your session. It’s so easy to adore your images with these prints, babes. I offer two kinds of prints: metal aluminum prints, where your art is literally printed on a piece of modern-hanging aluminum ready to be devoured by anyone who sees it; the second type of print we offer is an ICE print, which appears as if a beautiful luxurious piece of plexiglass lives over top of your image. Words do no justice to these beauties, you HAVE to see them yourself.

Digital Images


Our digital images are delivered on a gorgeous custom Andi Boudoir crystal USB. All of our goodies are beautiful, here.

Digital images are high-resolution and a perfect way to hang on to your photos for safety in case anything happens to your printed photos!

The Dessert


Along with our core products, listed above, we have some amazing little snags you’ll LOVE to add onto your package. Things like a mini album you can keep in your purse, a Peak-Show Retroviewer that will blast you & your lover back to the past, an desktop ICE block, a 12-month calendar and more… you’re going to want all the little goodies, girl. trust.

These incredible goods, art and luxury goods are the most perfect souvenirs of your experience ladies! Grab a couple goodies for you, and sneak your partner’s gift away from time to time, as well. You deserve all of these feelings, and emotions and gorgeous snags! You’re worth it!!