Myth Busters: Andi Style


A lot of clients tell me their friend’s misconceptions of our sessions, so hear it is, straight from the horse’s metaphorical mouth, I’m gonna tell it to you real, babe! Time to bust some myths!

Myth: Yeah, her photos are beautiful, but have you seen her models?! Even the plus sized ladies are perfect!

Truth: The women on my website and in my group are the same women you pass by on the street. They’re mothers, wives, incredible employees, multi-hat wearers, “imperfect”, general superheroes, of course. You won’t believe me until you, or one of your friends does a session with me. Be the first one. Leap. Trust me, I got you!
Hint: In fact, I believe the only model I’ve ever shot is the woman featured on this page! The jig is up!

Myth: I’m not sexy. I don’t know how to be sexy. I won’t know how to model to get the kind of results I see.

Truth: Babe. That is MY job. I pose you, I tell you exactly what to do. I show you how you should move. I pose you from the tips of your toes to the way you breath. We’ve got this together—THIS is MY jam!

Myth: I’m not photogenic. There is no way I will like more than a couple photos.

Truth: I feel equal parts giddy and sad at this comment, because I FEEL you girl. But trust me, trust the process. Most of my clients tell me the hardest part of the whole experience is narrowing down the number of photos they love when choosing their products, it sounds crazy but it happens time and time again.

Myth: I need to lose 30 pounds before I do my session.
Truth: Ok girl. Look. I want you to smash goals, and if you think losing the ell bees will help you feel incredible, chase that goal, the side effects of feeling incredible will outweigh everything. So. The plan? Book a few months out, work, but if you don’t meet your goal, do the session anyway. Why? Because I promise I will show you how gorgeous you are at ANY size, including the size you are now. I’ll show you all the scrumptious parts about it. Or you know what? Screw losing weight before your session and come love yourself right now. That would be pretty amazing, right??

Myth: These photos are a lot of money, I can’t justify spending this much on myself.
Truth: These photos and experience are totally an investment. They’re not inexpensive and the entire process takes time. Sometimes budgets simply don’t allow for these types of things, and I get that. I’m here and so ready for you when you are, girl. But babe, the mistruth in the above statement is that you are worthy of having a big ticket item spent on you. Consider your partner talking about something that they wanted; if the budget allowed for it and it would make them happy, you’re probably all in, right? What if this item could possibly shift their entire perception of themselves and result in a happier, more self assured version of their best self? It would be a freaking simple answer at that point, right? Totally worth that chance, and the return on investment analysis looks good. You deserve to feel that same way about yourself.

Myth: Going with another photographer is going to result in the same experience.
Truth: No. This is simply not true; the photographer you choose to book with makes a huge difference in the experience. This shit matters to me. Providing you the best experience possible matters to me. So I stretch my skills to continue to improve, to provide you with jaw droppingly beautiful artistry combined with the incredible experience the guided journey unfolds.

Myth: Someday I’ll be brave enough to book a session like this.

Truth: Now is the time, girl. The nerves about booking never go away, they don’t ease up, you just muster the commitment to move forward. Do it, babe. Learn all you need to. Decide whether the experience would be meaningful and good for you (with some insanely gorgeous souvenirs) and if you say yes to those questions, just book it. Show up. Me and my team will literally take it from there! Do brave things, girlfriend. Do brave things with me, I got you—we’re in this together!

Got any other doubts singing in your brain? Let’s chat. I bet I can quiet them.