The Most Frequently Asked Questions


I wanted to take a few moments to go through the questions that I am most frequently asked. So buckle up buttercups, let’s go through these questions that ALL the babes have. Ready?

Q: Are the women on your website models?

A: NO! On RARE occasion I work with models, but you guys…. it’s so infrequent that when you look at my website, 95% are EVERY DAY women exactly like you and me. I have women frequently tell me that even when I choose a plus size model, I’m looking for a specific TYPE of body—the perfect curves. NO, GIRL. That is simply not the case! My J-O-B in this movement is being able to SHOW YOU your very best, polished version of YOURSELF. It’s infrequent that women believe me when I tell them the women on my website are just like you and me until one of their friends steps in front of my lens and they see the magical transformation of feeling beautiful, and having someone around to capture it. Be THAT friend that goes first, take a leap of faith—you’ve got this lady!!

Q: Do you use Photoshop?

A: Yes, I do. I feel like photoshop has gotten such a bad reputation over the years. There are photographers that boast that they NEVER use photoshop, and you guys I think that’s bunk. And seriously, not because I want to use it to make you all 50 pounds thinner and get rid of your cellulite. Photoshop is an incredibly powerful tool that allows me to manipulate light, to change colors, to even out your tan, etc. Photographers that do not use it, even if they’re not touching the tool that allows for body manipulation are simply missing out. They are ignoring an incredible ability to elevate their work, and I’m not about that. My background is backward in the sense that I was an editor before I ever picked up a camera. I can do CRAZY things in photoshop. So what does that mean for you? It means I will show you your photos not photoshopped, because it’s important for you to see the raw product, and that I’m not some sorcerer, but that we will talk about your individual concerns and again, you’ll have a completely tailored experience. Hate that scar you got when you were 15? Got you girl. Want your cellulite gone? Yup, can do. Want me not to touch a damn thing on you? YES, queen! I love that choice! You are paying a lot of money for these photos, and you get what you want, plain and simple.

Q: I don’t know how to make the sexy faces you have in your photos. If I’m not good at being sexy, should I skip these photos?
A: GIRL. Perception is EVERYTHING. Your session will be SO MUCH LESS SEXY then you think it will. We goof. We laugh (a lot). I literally tell you how to do every single little thing I will need in order to get these photos from you. Most of my clients see their images and say: when did you take that?! Because it seems impossible a day as light, and easy as your session date could produce the fire we find. I am here for you, babe. Every single step of the way. I will pose you from the way you breathe, to the way your fingertips curve. Making everyday women feel like Goddesses is MY job. Your job? Show up, and let me wow you!

Q: Why is it so expensive?

A: I get this one a lot, and guys I KNOW this is an investment. The simple answer is, because this is a full blown experience. There is so much time and care put into the planning, execution, post production of our day together. If you are looking for a photographer that will never speak with you, pose you the day of your session and send you a gallery of images for you to go through alone, I am not her. I AM the photographer you are looking for if you want an experience worth remembering, that is completely tailored to you personally. If you want someone to walk through this entire experience with you, to guide you through the most glorious products to gift and allow you to choose your own photos guaranteeing you will only ever purchase what you LOVE, then you’re in the right place! I am the photographer you’ll want if you want this experience to have meaning, and the power of a paradigm shift, to celebrate the joy that can come from feeling empowered, beautiful and worthy. If you want that, you’ve found me.

Q: Can I just get a gallery instead, or do I have to come back in to see my photos?

A: Girl, you’ll def need to come back in, and you will WANT to! I do not do online ordering because I walk you through the process of choosing your images. Additionally, I really like to see your face when you see how incredible you are—call it selfish on my part—haha. The experience, choices and customization can feel overwhelming and I want to make sure that we make it as easy as possible!

Q: What if I hate my photos? What if I pre-purchased a collection and I don’t like that many?

A: I hear this concern all the time. I will show you between 70-120 or so photos when we meet back up, and you guys ALL of my clients tell me one of the hardest parts of the process is narrowing down their photos. Did you hear that? One of the hardest parts is choosing which photos you want to get rid of! Terrible problem to have, amiright? SO many clients express this concern to me and I always giggle because I know a secret you don’t: you’ll love so many more than you could ever have thought you would. Trust the process, babe!

Q: Do I have to get naked?

A: NO! Nudity is not a prerequisite for a session. I highly encourage my clients to strip down and allow me to take a photograph of them in the buff because there is POWER in seeing yourself as beautiful when there is literally nothing hiding you from the world. Regardless of that encouragement, what you choose is entirely up to you. We discuss your comfort levels and ideas while planning your session, and girl I will NEVER push you beyond your comfort zone without your expressed consent. It is SO important to me that you feel comfortable working with me. We’re in this together!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Check out our session planner (you can receive this by submitting an inquiry through this here site) which goes through the dos and don’ts for dressing for your session. You’ll also have an opportunity to have a lingerie fitting in your pre-session consultation, which is when you try on your pieces with me and I let you know whether it’s going to be a good fit for your session!

Q: I don’t have a significant other. Is it stupid to get them done for myself?

A: GIRL. PLEASE DO. I literally tell women all the time that they might be gifting the end products to someone they care for, but this is SO much for themselves as well. I encourage all my clients to get a piece of wall art to stand as a reminder that they are baaaaaad, and can achieve anything they want in life. NOT gifting those products just means more opportunity to remind yourself of your beauty! Run, don’t walk toward this experience!

Q: I see you using a lot of she/her terms and pronouns. Are you LGBTQ+ inclusive?

A: YES!! I typically work with female identifying clientele, but I love and hold the LBGTQ+ community close to my heart. I would love to photograph you and my business fully supports you!!! My verbiage may not always be as inclusive as I hope to portray, and I’ll continue to grow and learn, but it’s paramount you know how welcomed you are by me!

Q: Do you shoot couples?

A: I do not at this time shoot couples photography. It’s incredibly important for me to be able to work one on one with women to be able to offer the experience I promise, I’ve found that when a partner is also involved that the mood changes.

Q: Can I use you for my family/wedding/baby photos?

A: Babes, I ONLY shoot boudoir. Each genre of photography requires learning and expertise, I’ve chosen to make boudoir my sole focus so I can provide you the sexiest, most uplifting, badass experience you’ve ever had.

Q: Can I order more product after my viewing & ordering appointment?

A: You CAN, but I will tell you that in my experience, you want to budget for everything you want at your initial viewing & ordering appointment, because life gets in the way and you likely will not come back for an additional order. So plan accordingly!

Q: What if I don’t purchase my photos at my viewing and ordering appointment? Can I still get them?

A: Short story short, no you cannot. Clients that choose not to order any products at their viewing & ordering appointment will have their images permanently purged